The Mid Shore Report

Chesapeake College journalism students are launching a new volume of the news website, The Mid Shore Report.

The website will serve as a host to stories and articles pertaining to certain topics and events occurring across the Eastern Shore of Maryland, particularly the five counties that are served by Chesapeake College: Queen Anne’s, Kent, Dorchester, Talbot, and Caroline Counties. These stories and articles will be of interest to anyone and everyone living on the Eastern Shore.

The seven students in Dr. Preston Coleman’s Introduction to Journalism and New Media class – James Honeywell, Benjamin Callahan, Yasmeen Johnson, Kathryn Jones, Janice Ladson, Heather Pavelich and Lauren Todd – will act as reporters, tasked with researching topics on the Eastern Shore, and subsequently informing The Mid Shore Report’s audience of the story’s important facts and details.

For every issue in the second volume, the seven student reporters will be assigned a particular story to research and report on. These stories include anything from upcoming events at Chesapeake College to problems afflicting the communities of the five Mid Shore counties.

The first issue of the second volume of The Mid Shore Report will be covering topics specifically concerning Chesapeake College. With each subsequent issue, the stories will cover topics about the greater Mid Shore, including more detail as well as containing audio and video elements, creating a more informative story for The Mid Shore Report audience.

This upcoming volume will be the second for The Mid Shore Report. The first volume, which contained six issues, was published from March of 2016 to May of 2016, using stories and articles written by the students taking the same journalism class led by Dr. Coleman.

The Mid Shore Report uses WordPress to host its articles and stories, creating ease of use for both the student reporters and the readers of The Mid Shore Report. Student reporter, Kathryn Jones, states, “I have used WordPress before, and I find the site pretty simple and easy to use.” Jones went on to state that the site is similar to Tumblr in regards to its intuitiveness and user friendliness.

Fellow student reporter, Yasmeen Johnson, stated that she had not used WordPress before working on The Mid Shore Report. While it took Johnson a little bit of time to acquaint herself with WordPress, she has since familiarized herself with the system and states she is comfortable with its features and layout.

The Mid Shore Report serves as the main mechanism of learning for the students in Dr. Coleman’s journalism class. Instead of listening to tedious class lectures, the students will be actively engaging in the practice of journalism. This interactive style of learning will not only help the students achieve the course goals, but will also create an outlet for displaying what they have learned about journalism and new media.

To stay up to date with The Mid Shore Report, visit


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