Kent County Kennels at Capacity

The Humane Society of Kent County continues to suffer their animal kennels being at full capacity.

The animal shelter in Chestertown has gone several weeks having every single cat kennel and dog kennel occupied, creating problems their ability to take in new animals and house the ones already residing at the shelter. The full capacity of the kennels also leads to needing more effort, time, and resources to properly take care of all the animals.

The Humane Society of Kent County is an open admission shelter, meaning they are willing to take any cat, dog, or other domesticated animal. However, with their kennels being at maximum capacity, it is much harder to ensure that every new animal has a safe and secure spot at the shelter.

Each day, the Humane Society may have to deal with problems they are unable to predict. Animal Care Supervisor Julie Neukam states the kennels being at full capacity leads to a heightened sense of uncertainty about the near future. She says, “We never know what’s going to happen the next day, and it’s even more unpredictable when the kennels are full.” The lack of space at the shelter makes it more difficult to plan for incoming animals.

Neukam wants people to know that the overcrowding has made the animals already at the shelter more stressed than usual, making it more important than ever to find homes for these animals. She also stresses that many of the animals at the shelter ended up there as a result of being rescued from poor living conditions. “A lot of these dogs and cats come from homes where they were abused or neglected,” Julie Neukam states. “These animals absolutely deserve a second chance.”

In order to combat the kennels being at full capacity, the Humane Society has had to find innovative ways to clear space for incoming animals. The optimal way to free up space in the shelter is by having the animals be adopted. In order to get people to adopt an animal, the shelter must raise awareness by holding more adoption events where they physically take the animals out in public to show them to potential owners.

Another way to raise awareness about the animals is by increasing the shelter’s social media presence. The shelter has been increasing the rate of posts they put on their Facebook page, hoping that more posts leads to more chances of the problem being noticed by the community.

Due to having more animals than there is room for, the Humane Society of Kent County has been working with rescue programs and other animal shelters to house the influx of animals. Furthermore, foster parents have been increasing the number of animals they are taking home in order to create space at the shelter.

This is not the first time the Humane Society has dealt with this problem. In the past, the shelter has had to take these same steps in order to free up space in the shelter. These methods seem to keep the problem at bay but do not solve the problem completely. The only way the shelter is able to solve this problem is by having more people adopt animals and experiencing a decrease in the amount of incoming animals.

“If anyone is seriously thinking about adopting a dog or a cat, now would be the perfect time to do so,” Julie Neukam states, “We sure have a lot who need homes.”


The Humane Society of Kent County is located at 10720 Augustine Herman Hwy. in Chestertown.

To find out more about The Humane Society of Kent County, visit or

The shelter can be reached at 410-778-3648 or



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