Blog Post 1: Fake News, Alternative Facts

Just a few days after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway coined the term “alternative facts.” She used the term to defend White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, as he had been blatantly lying about the attendance of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. As much as Donald Trump and his team love to throw around the term “fake news,” they seem to be the ones putting out the “fake news” and calling it “alternative facts.”

Saying “alternative facts” was a very clever way for Kellyanne Conway to defend Sean Spicer’s erroneous statements. At first glance, “alternative facts” seems to be a credible term. However, with the slightest bit of inference, people could see that the term makes no sense. Simply put, the facts are the facts. There are no such things as alternative facts, and Trump’s team has since stopped using the nonsensical term.


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