Blog Post 5: Conservative Speakers at Liberal Colleges

Recently, riots and protests have been erupting at college campuses across the nation. However, the cause of these riots and protests is not police brutality or increased tuition costs. Instead, riots and protests have been breaking out due to guest speakers coming to campus. Wait, that’s it? Guest speakers are the problem?

Within the past few months, conservative public figures such as Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos have had much difficulty when trying to come to very liberal college campuses and simply speak. Instead of letting the guests speak at their schools, legions of college students have taken to the streets, inciting violence and mayhem.

While the college students have every right to not agree with certain guest speakers, they should allow the guests to speak without fear of violent backlash. By not allowing these conservative guests to speak, these college students take away the speakers’ first amendment rights to freedom of expression.


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