Farmers’ Markets Benefit Community Members and Economies

Local farmers’ markets in Mid Shore towns seek to benefit the vendors and the consumers, while also growing their small-town economies.

Across the United States of America, many small towns set up a weekly or bi-weekly farmers’ market. At these farmers’ markets, members of the community can buy and/or sell a multitude of goods. These goods can range anywhere from food to art.

Many towns across the Mid Shore also implement farmers’ markets into their communities. Farmers’ markets provide a way for members of the community to make money as vendors by selling certain goods and services. The farmers’ markets also provide a way for members of the community to buy goods and services locally, which is a massive selling point that many small town citizens look for in their consumer products.

Through the use of farmers’ markets, small towns in the Mid Shore can help the small businesses that reside there, while also getting the consumers of the community to spend money inside the community. This is an economically sound way to keep money inside the community and help businesses establish a loyal and local customer base.

A prime example of an excellent implementation of a farmers’ market is Chestertown’s Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market. Located in the seat of Kent County, the thriving Chestertown’s Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market greatly helps its namesake town and surrounding county by granting businesses another venue for advertising and selling their products and services. Chestertown’s Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market also benefits the consumers of the community, ensuring them that they have what they need in regards to fresh, locally grown food and goods produced by home-grown businesses. Through its farmers’ market, Chestertown does more than enough to ensure that money is flowing through the proper channels to increase and stabilize the town’s economy.

Chestertown’s Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market is not only beneficial to its surrounding community members because of its locality, but also because of its properly evaluated multitude of vendors. The vendors are subject to examination and inspection, ensuring that the consumers of Kent County are purchasing safe and reputable goods and services.

The other Mid Shore counties have also been using farmers’ markets to benefit their respective communities. Queen Anne’s County employs two separate farmers’ markets: Centreville and Kent Island. The other Mid Shore counties – Caroline, Talbot, and Dorchester – also employ one or two farmers’ markets, creating a steady flow of revenue, ultimately benefiting their respective economies.


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