Blog Post 16: The Comeback Album

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.03.02 PM

At War with Reality cover


Maintaining peace between the members of a musical group is very difficult. This tension is what often leads to bands breaking up. However, sometimes the bands can regroup and recreate the magic that they had before the monumental breakup. This attempt at creating magic often comes in the form of a comeback album. These comeback albums conjure up a tremendous amount of height, leading to high expectations by longtime fans. Comeback albums are often make-or-break opportunities for reformed bands, as a bad comeback album will shut them down all over again.

Heavy metal has seen its fair share of comeback albums. Fortunately for the fans, many of these comeback records prove to be the band’s greatest work. In 2013, the death metal legends of Carcass released Surgical Steel, their first album in 17 years. Many critics and fans have since deemed the record to be the band’s best work, even being better than their classic 1993 record, Heartwork.

Another amazing comeback album was unleashed upon the world in 2014, when the melodic death metal masters of At the Gates released At War with Reality, their first record since 1995’s Slaughter of the Soul.


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