Blog Post 22: The Pepsi Commercial

Pepsi was recently forced to pull a commercial due to massive backlash. The commercial depicted celebrity Kendall Jenner joining a seemingly peaceful protest, and then handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer. The commercial, which was innocent and simple, caused an immense amount of controversy. Many people believed the commercial was mocking the Black Lives Matter movement. However, this hatred of the commercial is unjustified. There have been a multitude of commercials depicting protests that were solved by the advertised product. If anything, people should be mad at Pepsi for being unoriginal rather than being hateful. Furthermore, the commercial seemed to have a good message: be nice to people. However, instead of taking the commercial for what it is, all these people decided to lambast Pepsi for creating such an advertisement, claiming that it taunts an important societal issue.


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