Blog Post 24: The House Approves New Healthcare Bill

The House of Representatives just approved a new health care bill that would drastically change healthcare coverage for millions of Americans. While it is not surprising that the mostly Republican House of Representatives approved the bill, it is surprising how many of those same republicans question the bill even after vote in its favor. This sense of hesitation casts suspicion on the claim that the bill’s supporters truly care about lower-class Americans receiving healthcare. Many of the bill’s opponents claim that there are other reasons that the republicans approved the bill. One of these theories is that they just wanted to get rid of the Affordable Care Act because it’s a product of the Democratic Party. Another theory is that the republicans who approved the bill just wanted to make themselves look good in the eyes of President Trump. A third theory is that the new bill, which includes tax cuts for the rich, will make the republicans who voted for it that much wealthier.


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